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At American Senior Benefits, we're dedicated to helping America's growing senior population. We start by knowing Medicare inside and out. We work to help seniors get the coverage they need to stay healthy and secure. We can also help them find financial instruments to stay financially secure. We're proud of what we do and happy to help. We look forward to providing the assistance and service you need.

I graduated from Texas Wesleyan University in May of 2000 and have been in the business world ever since. I am blessed with a wonderful wife and two amazing daughters.

As a broker I specialize in senior retirement solutions regarding Life, Health and Long-Term Care Insurance, as well as Fixed & Equity-Indexed Annuities from many of the country’s top rated insurance carriers. I take pride in treating all of my clients with the respect, honesty and integrity that they deserve.

If you have any questions about our plans or Medicare in general, give Chasen a call. He'll be glad to offer useful information, insights, and advice.

PHONE (833) 427-2689

Retirement Advisor & Insurance Representative

My primary practice encompasses helping people transition from the accumulation phase to the distribution phase of their retirement portfolio.

Individual Planning Services


CD Alternatives

Guaranteed rate, tax deferred alternative to lower-rate, taxable Certificates of Deposit. Designed to accumulate money for retirement, while reducing your taxable income. Allows for partial annual withdrawal, lifetime income or lump-sum withdrawal at maturation.

Retirement Planning

The process of setting aside funds to provide deferred income benefits at retirement.

• IRA                      • ROTH IRA

• Rollover IRA      • SEP

Income Planning

The process of helping individuals prepare for retirement’s transition from asset accumulation to income generation and asset distribution.

• Guaranteed Lifetime Income

• Pension Maximization/Pension         Protection.

Insurance Planning

The process of assisting an individual to care for loved ones in the event of a catastrophe and/or transferring risks by ensuring lifestyle continuation and asset protection.

• Major Medical / Health Insurance / Dental

• Accident

• Mortgage & Income Protection

• Retirement Supplements

• Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation


Legacy Planning

The process of helping individuals articulate, create and implement an end-of-life plan that is consistent with their values and final wishes. Extends peace of mind well beyond the benefits of a will and life insurance.

• Express wishes & share precious memories

• Prevent family feuds

• Pass on family values

Medicare Planning / Health

The process of explaining to individuals the Medicare program and associated supplemental services designed to decrease financial risks associated with medical costs.

• Medicare Supplement

• Part D Prescription Drug

• Cancer/Heart/Stroke/Critical Illness

• Funeral / Final Expense

• Long-Term Care / Asset-based

• Lump-Sum Cancer

• Medicare Advantage

Estate Planning

The process of arranging your financial affairs so that your wealth will be distributed according to your wishes after your death and to avoid undue taxation.

• Intergenerational Wealth Preservation

• Estate Tax Reduction Strategies

• Family & Asset Protection




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